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Hello, I'm Nikola. I have been a photographer for 12+ years, during that time I have dabbled in all aspects of the craft. However, photographing families is where my heart is. I live in a little Cambridgeshire village with my beautiful children Eva and Arthur, partner John and Cockapoos Polly and Olive.

We love nothing more than packing our cameras and snacks in our backpacks and heading off on adventures together. I'm so lucky to have their complete support with what I do. And dare I say that my little darling girl is following in my footsteps... She loves capturing a good moment on her 'Kidizoom' camera.

This makes me immensely proud!!

My job is a complete dream! It's a massive compliment to be invited to capture a family's special moments and memories. Even more so when they invite me back time and again.

My approach is relaxed, calm and fun... my work is well done if the children have had as much fun as me!

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